Norfolk County's Success with MuniPaaS Managed Services

April 24, 2024

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M are proud to share how our technology is helping communities like Norfolk County become greener, one tree at a time! 🌿

Today! Norfolk County embarked on a fantastic initiative, offering free trees its residents. But as many municipal workers know, managing such programs can be a challenge, especially when it comes to engaging with residents effectively. All while ensuring municipal staff can build automated workflows and dashboards to track the program.

That's where MuniPaaS on Salesforce comes in! Our innovative platform empowered Norfolk County staff to revolutionize their approach. With our platform's support, the Forestry Department created

  1. an online form,
  2. a tool to manage their tree inventory and,
  3. automated workflows to digitally communicate pickup details to applicants.

All in 2 days!

Thanks to MuniPaaS 311 and our accelerator's capabilities, trailblazers at Norfolk County transformed their vision into reality, enhancing service delivery and digitizing the entire experience with MuniPaaS no code platform and simple service admin tools to onboard services when they needed it most.If your municipality is offering similar and seasonal programs such as Free Seed, Trees, Soil, Bag tags, Mosquito Spray, Dust Suppression and many more, do you have the platforms that can scale when you need it like MuniPaaS and housed on a global trusted infrastructure like Salesforce which is robust and stay operational during those busy times ?