About us

MuniPaaS helps Local Governments

Founders Message
MuniPaaS was established with the aim to transform how local governments engage with their citizens. Our 20+ years of knowledge in dealing with local governments has resulted in acquiring intimate insight about the industry. More than 20,000 local governments exist in Canada and in the US – MuniPaaS, in its DNA, recognizes and caters to each their uniqueness. Thus, we set out to disrupt the market, by introducing municipal standards and interoperability to existing systems and a revolutionary new paradigm to Service Management and support to Digital Citizenry.

In the past decade our lives have all been impacted by the explosion of digital and social innovation in our business and personal lives. The demand for local government to modernize and transform how it engages with its citizens is now greater than ever before. The pandemic has significantly increased the burden and responsibility of local government while impacting muni budgets with historic levels of unplanned deficits.

MuniPaaS set out with a vision to work with forward-looking and innovative municipalities to develop solutions and partnerships to help the entire industry with cost-effective entry-points to a highly evolved solution.

- Anesh Mistry, Managing Director

What we do

Our Experience

MuniPaaS specializes in implementing advanced technical solutions tailored for towns and cities, and other government entities. Our dedication lies in revolutionizing their operational methodologies and fundamentally transforming the dynamics of how they conduct their business operations.

Drawing from our extensive experience, our firm has a proven track record of leveraging technology to redefine how municipal services are delivered to constituents and streamline internal communications among staff, various departments, and residents. We have honed our expertise over time, utilizing multiple software products to address the intricate challenges faced by towns and cities.

Specifically, our team is adept at employing Salesforce best practices and harnessing the power of other cloud solutions to develop innovative approaches that drive efficiency and effectiveness across municipal operations.

Why Salesforce?

MuniPaaS Demystifies CRM

Our platform is prebuilt and ready for any municipality to take advantage of CRM capabilities from Day 1.

  • Gather interaction history for a citizen in a 360 degree view
  • Streamline and recommend services to each citizen profile using a citizen-centric knowledge base
  • Enable customer registration using a variety of social and custom login methods

Fully Integrated

Ready and integrated to Esri ArcGIS, and built on a platform with Open APIs and connectors.

  • Connect your existing WorkForce Management, Asset Management and ERP solution
  • Create a digital hub for your customer and interaction data
  • Automate your workflows with fully integrated, end-to-end service delivery
  • Connect your Active Directory and SharePoint to maximum Information Security compliance

Reliable & Secure

Because MuniPaaS is in the cloud, service have better up-times and is more secure.

  • Platform upgrades with the latest security patches automatically, 3 times a year
  • Secure user access control with your existing Active Directory
  • Automate your workflows with fully integrated, end-to-end service delivery