In the evolving landscape of business, clinging to outdated methods can hinder progress. At MuniPaaS, we understand the need for agility and efficiency in modern organizations. Our Solution Architects embark on a journey to understand your operational intricacies, delving deep through interviews and shadow sessions. By scrutinizing your existing processes against industry benchmarks and best practices, we uncover inefficiencies and pain points. Armed with this insight, we craft a comprehensive roadmap tailored to your long-term objectives. This roadmap not only bridges the gap between current practices and future aspirations but also empowers you to embrace innovation and modernization with confidence.

Working process

Our unique Salesforce onboarding process is designed with pre-build templates and accelarators specifically designed for municipalities.


Vision and Planning

The process begins by thoroughly understanding  your KPIs, Priorities, Change Management Impacts and Staffing.


Current State Discovery

Assess your existing Infrastructure, Process Integrations and Compliance Requirements.


Implementation and Onboarding

Build Integrations, Onboard Services, enable features using Iterative Agile Methodology.


Training, Migration and Support

Train Users, Train Admins and Empower your Staff on the platform while providing white-glove support options.

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