At MuniPaaS, our commitment to excellence extends beyond the initial implementation of Salesforce solutions; it includes ongoing support and optimization through regular Salesforce org reviews. These reviews serve as vital check-ins to monitor the health of our clients' Salesforce orgs, identifying areas of improvement and potential vulnerabilities. By conducting comprehensive assessments, we analyze various aspects of the org's configuration, data model, security measures, and overall performance against best practices. This thorough evaluation allows us to pinpoint actionable items to enhance security, streamline processes, and maximize efficiency. Our dedicated team works closely with clients to prioritize and implement these action items, ensuring that their Salesforce orgs remain robust, secure, and aligned with industry-leading practices. Through proactive monitoring and continuous improvement, we empower our clients to leverage Salesforce to its fullest potential, driving sustained success in their operations.

Working process

Our unique Salesforce onboarding process is designed with pre-build templates and accelarators specifically designed for municipalities.


Vision and Planning

The process begins by thoroughly understanding  your KPIs, Priorities, Change Management Impacts and Staffing.


Current State Discovery

Assess your existing Infrastructure, Process Integrations and Compliance Requirements.


Implementation and Onboarding

Build Integrations, Onboard Services, enable features using Iterative Agile Methodology.


Training, Migration and Support

Train Users, Train Admins and Empower your Staff on the platform while providing white-glove support options.

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