Digital Platform for Local Government

Give your Citizens self-service and digital options for engaging with your city services with MuniPaaS Local Government Software

Self Service Citizen Tools

Empower your citizens with MuniPaaS self-service tools! Our platform makes it easy for citizens to report issues, file complaints, pay bills, apply for permits, and more. All from the convenience of their own devices.

Whether they prefer to use web forms, social media, email, phone, SMS, or in-person counters, our tools ensure a seamless and consistent experience every time.

Give your citizens the power to take charge of their own civic needs with MuniPaaS.

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Integrated Workforce Management

MuniPaaS gives you the power to track and measure the progress of service requests across your entire enterprise, in real time. Our platform connects to many other popular platforms and systems that cities use via APIs, ensuring that information is always up-to-date and accurate.

Plus, our field service mobile applications allow you to monitor and manage work on the go. With MuniPaaS, you can also keep track of your assets and maintenance needs, streamlining your operations and maximizing efficiency.

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CRM for Economic Development

MuniPaaS helps you tap into new economic opportunities and drive growth for your city. Our platform allows you to maintain relationships with existing businesses, manage leads and inquiries, and stay on top of trade shows and other marketing channels.

With MuniPaaS, you can easily promote and update projects to attract new businesses and revenue streams, helping to build a brighter future for your city. Stay connected and stay ahead with MuniPaaS.

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Municipal Platform

Your city ... combined!

MuniPaaS, hosted in the cloud, integrates and combines all your existing platforms into a single application. Municipal Government Software.